Reality is being redefined.
November 1, 2014 12:55 pm

School of Supernatural Life: United Kingdom 2013

Here are some highlights and pictures from our outreach trip to England (April 1-21, 2013)

Having Coffee with God


In today‚Äôs culture and society The American dream has produced for us much pride and animosity. Time spent together walking along the streets. With I-Pods plugged in We all walk to the sound of a different beat. With much to do and no time to waste we transition from task to task and place to […]


3 Things I Learned from the Team of Destiny.


1. What we believe we become. I have to admit. I expected Auburn to win last night even with only three seconds left in the game. Auburn football is anything but predictable. Their 2013 football team has been labeled a team of destiny. What does that mean? It means they expected to win. One would […]